Announcing Mass-ALA’s Strategic Plan


Dear Mass-ALA Members,


One of the most important actions to build a more effective association is to create a strategic plan. In the absence of a strategic plan, an association can still do good work, but there will inevitably be a lack of focus and unity. When a Board of Directors and staff have worked together to create a strategic plan and then begin to implement it, an association can gain momentum and sustained progress leading to better benefits for members


From August through November of this year, I engaged with the Board of Directors and staff to create Mass-ALA’s strategic plan. I am excited to share it with you today. You can read the plan here.


We conducted a collaborative process to create this plan that ultimately received unanimous endorsement from the Board of Directors when it was adopted last month.


Here are some of the highlights of the plan:


Mass-ALA’s mission statement is now: To lead the assisted living industry in its service of seniors through advocacy, education, operational support, and enhanced growth opportunities. 


Mass-ALA’s strategic goals are:


1. To enhance the quality and scope of educational programs, services, and information.

2. To engage the membership through events, networking, and communication.


3. To advocate for assisted living providers by shaping legislation and regulations and helping members adapt to those changes


 4. To recruit and develop the workforce by promoting assisted living as an attractive and viable career path.


 5. To overhaul the bylaws and streamline governance to enhance organizational productivity while integrating best practices.


This strategic plan will strengthen Mass-ALA as we now have consensus around a clearly identified mission and goals. We look forward to implementing the plan together with you.


 Please let me know if you have ideas on how to best achieve these goals so we can improve Mass-ALA together. I look forward to advancing the association so that we can serve you better.



Brian Doherty, CAE

President & CEO



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