Seeking Your Ideas and Preferences for Mass-ALA Member Engagement



Dear Mass-ALA Members,


In my first message to Mass-ALA members last summer, I highlighted that I have a collaborative leadership style.  The purpose of this article is to engage in that spirit with all members who have an interest in enhanced networking and event opportunities at Mass-ALA.  As I described in a recent article, the Mass-ALA strategic plan identifies our goals and objectives as an association. One of the strategic goals is to engage the membership through events, networking, and communication. As you know, we hold a variety of in-person events and educational programs and frequently update members on news impacting assisted living in Massachusetts.  The aspect of this goal that I invite you to help dig deeper on with us is networking, as it will require rethinking and possibly some new initiatives.


A key question for member engagement and networking is: what form of networking would be most helpful to members and prospective members?


Some options we are considering include:


  • Convening executive director roundtables.
  • Hosting in-person networking events (open to all members).
  • Creating a peer matching, mentoring, or networking program.
  • Hosting roundtables on high-level issues of concern (discussions centered on particular topics).
  • Facilitating speed networking for business partners/vendors and assisted living residence staff.


If you have ideas for other forms of networking or preferences for one of the options above, please email Martha Chamberlin and I and let us know your thoughts.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Mass-ALA has 10 regional leadership councils that were created in 2003 and were a source of regional networking and idea sharing.  Only a couple of the councils are still actively meeting.  We were cognizant of both the intent and current lack of activity of the councils when we wrote an operational action for this goal as part of the plan, that is, to “Consider re-activating the regional leadership councils or creating a new form of regional member engagement.”


So this begs the question: Did you participate in a regional leadership council?  Is it still active?  Why did it become inactive?  What were the strengths and weaknesses of this model?  Please email Martha Chamberlin and I and let us know your thoughts.


I am excited about the energy and enthusiasm in our organization especially in terms of the openness to idea-sharing and collaboration across companies and residences.  Let’s build on that together so we can make Mass-ALA an even more dynamic community where together we learn, grow, and advocate for and serve older adults and assisted living.




Brian Doherty, CAE

President & CEO



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